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Agricultural Situation

The village of KPATA is situated on the western slope of the Toura mountains, about 10 km northeast from Biankouma, on the road to Gouiné. The picture shows its present-day site.
Until the late 1920-ies, the village was perched on top of the mountain Gba which dominates the mountain range in the background. The colonial administration obliged the inhabitants to move to a site halfway down behind the hillside which dominates the present site. In 1966, the village was moved to its present site on the roadside on demand of the district administration


The Toura live in western Ivory Coast, in a mountainous area north of Man, the capital of the region called Les Dix-Huit Montagnes (the 18 Mountains). (See inlay.)


The Toura are agriculturalists. Several varieties of mountain rice are the main subsistance crop grown in the area.